Friday, November 26, 2004

The Day After

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We weren’t able to get together with either of our families this year, so we had dinner with some old friends and their family. They cooked a 34 pound turkey. Really; 34 pounds! Frankly, I didn’t even know you could buy a turkey that big. It was almost comical. The drumstick was so large they actually carved pieces off of it. Since I’m not much of a cook, but more of a baker, I brought some biscotti and some pumpkin/cranberry/walnut bread. The pumpkin bread recipe is one I’ve come up with myself by altering an old recipe over the years and I could post it here if anyone is interested. The biscotti is also a recipe I created myself through trial and error. Aren’t they yummy looking:

As for the Thanksgiving knitting, I made a felted potholder in the morning and felted it that afternoon. Here’s the pre-felting picture (with a can of soda for size persepective):

And here’s the finished potholder:

The pattern is from Bev Galeskas’ book, Felted Knits. I traded some sock yarn with Arow for this book solely for this pattern. I’ll probably make a few more of these for gifts, but this one is destined for a woman who car pools with me. She makes the tastiest pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and my son is so addicted to them it’s become somewhat of a joke in their family. I actually bought the little ceramic “timer” before I made the potholder, but I think they look cute together. Whew, another present down.

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