Sunday, November 28, 2004

Felting Up A Storm

I felted a couple more oven mitts this morning and set them out to dry.

For this pair, I used a double strand of Brown Sheep Nature Spun worsted yarn. I only had one skein of each color so I made them fraternal instead of identical. The mitt I made a couple of days ago was made from a single strand of a Lopi-type Icelandic yarn. I think I like the look and feel of the Lopi a little better than the Nature Spun. It's the same weight but the Lopi seems slightly more substantial.

The more of these I make, the more people I think of who would probably like a set. Several of these people are men, and I will alter the pattern for them. So far, the three I've made have fit my hand nicely. But I have really small hands. So I think I'll add a few rounds to the arm and a few rounds after the thumb shaping. Come to think of it, I'll probably add a few rounds to the thumb, too. Otherwise, the pattern has good shaping and it's incredibly easy to follow.

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