Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Hot Off the Needles

I had grand plans for today, but woke up with a horrendous head cold. So, I stayed home from work and finished up a pair of socks for DS. Hanukkah is screaming up, so these will be his present from me for one of the nights. Here they are, hot off the needles:

I used Opal yarn and my tried-and-true basic ribbed pattern, but altered the toe slightly because DS has short, fat toes. Typically, I decrease every other row until I have half the number of stitches I started with. Then I decrease every row until 12 stitches remain. For DS’s socks, I started with 72 stitches and decreased every other row until I had 48 stitches. Then I decreased every row until I was down to 12. It makes the toe less pointy. I also used a Sherman short-row heel since that type of heel fits him better. And, he likes the leg of his socks short, so the leg is only 5" long. Hey, less knitting; that works for me. Best of all, I'm not concerned that he'll outgrow them before he wears them out because right now he and I wear the same shoe size. So he can pass them down to moi!

Oh, and I used some new needles that I've never tried before,

They’re 6" Plymouth bamboo needles in size 2.25 mm (U.S. #1). I figured I use them in honor of Thanksgiving (get it??) But now I’m ready to completely abandon Crystal Palace bamboos in favor of these. The points are just awesome and they're nicely polished. I’ll have to shoot by the LYS and pick up a pair in size 2.00 mm and 2.75 mm, although 2.25 is the size I use most often.

Have a Great Thanksgiving. Drive Carefully!

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