Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I'm Really Knitting As Fast As I Can

When I returned from Disneyland, this was in my mailbox:

Ok, no problem, I can make a baby gift within a reasonable amount of time.

Wait, what's this?

Wednesday! Yikes! And here's the catch; this woman lives on my street and she's an absolute doll. So, some last-minute baby hat is not an option. I headed to my LYS after work yesterday and bought some cotton yarn to make this. It's heavy worsted cotton so it's a bit of a cheat, but the color is beautiful. A pinky salmon with a beautiful sheen. I cast on, neglected my children all night, and went to bed having finished the body. Now just the sleeves and blocking/finishing to go.

I confess, it's not Rhinebeck, but can I finish it in time??

Who's linking here?

Running commentary on my unending quest to knit up my stash.