Thursday, November 11, 2004

New Pattern Link

I'm going to try and add at least a couple of free, online patterns to my list of quick holiday patterns every week. Today I'm adding a link to this pattern called "Eyelash Scarf With A Twist". Basically, it's a scarf made from novelty yarn, but it's knit in the round so it can be worn as a cowl. OK, it's not quite equivalent to the amazing smoke ring cowls that Cassie and Lisa have been churning out, but it looks really cute and it can be knit from only one skein of eyelash yarn.

Current Projects

I haven't posted much about my current WIPs this week. One is the next sock for the Six Sox Knitalong so that explains why I've not posted a picture. I also knit a scarf for a neighbor's teenage daughter but gave it away before taking a picture. I did, however, take a picture of a felted bag I made on Monday.

Obviously, this is the pre-felted picture. I used some old Candide yarn and it took forever to felt. I think I ran it no fewer than 8-9 times through the wash cycle and the color bled like crazy. Now, it refuses to dry. Really. I've had it in front of the heat vent in my bedroom since Monday and it's still wet. Hmmm . . . I already have two teenagers; I don't need a felted bag that won't listen to me either.

Who's linking here?

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