Sunday, November 21, 2004

Sweater Ideas

In response to my confession that I’ve only knit one sweater for myself in 30 years, both Norma and Margene wisely suggested that I should knit a sweater like the ones I typically wear. Anyone know where I can find cobweb-weight cashmere yarn, size 1.5mm needles, and a pattern for a ribbed T-neck knit at a gauge of 18 stitches to the inch???

Lace Stole

My Oriel Lace Shawl is finished and is blocking as I type this. Oh, how I love the stench glorious aroma of wet alpaca in the morning.

If you click on the picture, a larger one will pop up.
The pattern calls for two skeins of K1C2 Douceur et Soie yarn. I dislike mohair, though, so I used one skein of lace-weight Misti Alpaca and had just enough to finish the stole. Here's what was left over:

Even DH noticed that I'd cut it close. He said, "Do you always plan it that way?"

I got the pattern from the designer, Anne Carroll Gilmore, when I took her lace class at my LYS last Sunday. It's free from my LYS if you purchase the yarn called for in the pattern (i.e., the K1C2 mohair/silk yarn). The name of the shop is Black Sheep Wool Co. in Salt Lake City. Or, if you don't want or need the yarn, I believe you can purchase the pattern separately but I’m not 100% sure about that. You can call the shop at (801) 487-9378 if you're interested. Anne works there on Mondays so if you call then she may be available to answer any questions you have about the pattern.

For needles, I started with an Inox circular and found that it was much too slippery. I switched to some plastic straight needles and hated those, too. They were far too long and cumbersome. Then, I had the amazing good fortune to obtain a set of Susanne’s 8" ebony double-points from Laurie at Stitch 'n Bitch on Tuesday night. I wrapped two of my daughter's hair elastics around the ends and I was in business.

I found the hair elastics (and came up with the idea) by simply looking down on the floor of my living room. Sometimes it pays to have an incorrigible pig for a daughter.

There's one thing I’ll do differently when I knit this scarf/stole again. (If you've been reading my blog for more than a day, you knew I was going to say that, didn't you.) But, you'll have to tune in tomorrow to learn what that is, how I blocked the stole, and who's going to find it under her tree at Christmas.

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