Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Wow (Toll!)

Run, don’t walk, over to Tine’s blog and check out the French
Market Bag she made from the Dancing Stars pattern. (She has a link on the left that will translate the entire blog into English using Google.) Tine is one of the best knitters around and the bag is nothing short of amazing. Toll! Klasse!!

More Holiday Ideas

I added another holiday pattern to the list on my sidebar. It’s a pattern to make a felted case for a laptop computer. Isn’t that a great idea! And it’s knit from just 2 skeins of Lamb’s Pride yarn. The pattern was written by Rebekah and it’s posted on her blog. Go check it out.

Is It Just Me?

DD created this map for a Spanish class assignment on Puerto

Hmmm . . . Is it just me, or does that look like. . .
Oh, forget it.

Who's linking here?

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