Monday, December 06, 2004


Here's the first of my archived posts. I originally posted this on March 4, 2003. I chose it because the situation (albeit slightly toned down) continues to this day and I'd still love to find a solution that doesn't involve getting her in trouble with her boss. Oh, and I should add that neither speaking to her about it nor putting dirty, disgusting things in the waste basket have helped. The office secretary tried the former and I've tried the latter.

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Office Dilemma
Here’s my current office dilemma for which I am seeking your sage advice. The person who cleaned our office every morning was recently fired. She was extremely pleasant but, unfortunately, marginally competent. Oh, and there was that little problem about her failing to actually report to work on a consistent basis. Anyway, her replacement is driving me crazy! Not more than a week after she first arrived, she began coming into my office to dump the trash and literally standing above me waiting, I guess, for me to engage in a lengthy conversation with her. Not my thing. I assume my nonresponsiveness eventually made the point and, mercifully, she stopped. Next, in a new attempt to make small talk, she began poking through my trash as I sat at my desk and questioning me about the contents and whether I really meant to throw them away. "Oh, Susan, did you really mean to throw away this chewed gum and this broken rubber band?" Honestly, I think she could have told you how many Kleenex I used in a day. UGH! So, being the passive-aggressive person I am, I devised a scheme. I ceased putting trash in my waste basket (or "barrel" as only a true Bostonian would say), and began placing it in the communal waste basket in the kitchen area. No trash to poke through so problem solved, n’est pas? Mais non! Now, she comes into my office with the trash from my co-worker’s waste basket and quizzes me as to whether he meant to throw things away. OK, I need to put an end to this. Are there any passive-agressive readers out there who have any suggestions?? Help!

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