Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Ruffles Scarf

I have some yarn in my stash that I have no memory of purchasing. It simply turned up in one of my Rubbermaid bins one day; an interloper, seeking company among the skeins of Brown Sheep and Cascade 220.

It's a nice combination of wool and cotton with a rayon wrap; although the rayon is a bit temperamental at times. Since I'm not one to discriminate against gypsy yarns, I've knit several projects from it including several pairs of socks. I've also used it to experiment with Kool Aid dying. No matter how many things I've knit, however, the number of skeins never seems to decrease. Could it be multiplying???
Anyway, it seemed the perfect choice for the American Girl Doll sweater that I blogged about yesterday. As I knit the sweater, I began to think it would be fun to use the same yarn for the second daughter's present. I also noticed how nicely the fabric was draping and imagined it would make a nice scarf. After perusing several patterns and books, I decided on the Ruffles Scarf from the Scarf Style book. I've actually been working on this scarf for quite a while, but haven't blogged about it. Mainly because it took a long time to knit so there wasn't much progress from day to day. But, I finished it on Friday.

I highly recommend using short, double-pointed needles to knit this scarf. It uses a short-row technique and, hence, you are constantly turning the work. This is considerably easier to accomplish with short needles. I used #6 Brittany Birch needles that were only 5 inches long.

My daughter modeled it before we wrapped it up. It could probably have been slightly longer but I was getting a little bored with knitting it.

It's unclear to me whether she's patterning her "look" after Raven or Veronica Lake.

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