Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Running Out of Steam

I've got some loose ends to tie up today, so I don't have time to post anything original. Instead, I'll link to some original things other bloggers have spent the time to post. Tune in tomorrow, though, and I'll finish my post on "Giving and Receiving" with the report on what I gave. Hint: It's something I knit and blogged about a couple of times.

First, check out this sock pattern that was written by Marguerite and posted on her blog. I've already printed this one out and put it on my "must knit" list for next year.

Next, Amy posted instructions on how to make some wonderful felted Christmas tree ornaments.

And, last but not least, Julia has posted a pattern for some adorable teeny tiny sweaters. I haven't made one of these yet, but Margene brought one to SnB last night and it was darling.

And, if you're still making goodies for the neighbors, Jenna brought these cuties to SnB.

According to Jenna, they're a snap to make. Dip maraschino cherries in melted chocolate chips and stick a Hershey's Kiss on one end. Then add the slivered almonds for the ears. Voila. Jenna also adds that you should eat them all in one bite, "like sushi." Yummy!

Who's linking here?

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