Thursday, December 09, 2004

Seeing Stars

Nanette has posted a wonderful pattern for knitted stars. I made one last night immediately after reading her post:

Then I got to thinking, "Could I use this pattern to make a 6-pointed star?" Alas, it was way past my bedtime so I couldn't try my idea. This morning, though, I eschewed breakfast and knit up a 6-pointed version:

I followed Nanette's instructions, but cast on 66 stitches instead of 55. Also, it needed a little more blocking than the 5-pointed version.

Don't forget to enter my contest. I'm posting the winner tomorrow afternoon. Scroll down to last Friday's post for the rules. And when you enter, keep in mind that no one has even come close to guessing the correct answer.

Archived Post

Here's the last of my archived posts. It's the post in which I described the changes I made to Polly's wonderful French Market Bag.

Drum roll . . . . here it is:

There's another picture that didn't come out as well here.
There are a couple of other views, too. This one shows how it looked right after I removed it from the box that I was using to block it.

And this one is how it looks when it's being held. See how the front doesn't pucker. Success!!

In keeping with the Français theme, I think I'll call it "French Market Bag Révisé."

Here' s how I did the handles so they're centered over the front and back.

  1. I followed the pattern exactly until the sides were approximately 10 inches tall.

  2. On the next row, knit 50 and place marker; *k2 k2tog* 12 times; k2 and place marker; knit 50 and place marker; *k2 k2tog* 12 times; k2 and place marker.

  3. You should now have 50 stitches then a marker, 38 stitches then a marker, 50 stitches then a marker, and 38 stitches then a marker.

  4. The straps will be worked over the sides with 50 stitches and the sides with 38 stitches become the bound-off sides of the bag.

  5. Knit 1 round.

  6. The next round is the bind off round.

  7. Knit 23; bind off 4; knit 23 and remove marker; bind off 38 and remove marker; knit 23; bind off 4; knit 23 and remove marker; bind off 38 and remove marker.

  8. Work the straps over the 23 stitches exactly the same as the pattern instructs. OR work 6 rows between decreases like I did to make slightly longer handles.

That's it. Remember, though, this alteration will only work if you knit the base of the bag using the circular instructions.

I also took a close-up of the Jo Sharp after it's felted.

See the wonderful little swirls in the fabric. Love it. But, it's a little out of my price range for felted items--$12-$13 for 100g--ouch.

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