Friday, January 07, 2005

No Foolin' You

Hell’s bells! You readers are smarter than you look. It didn’t take too long for you to figure out that my current SIP is a pair of Marguerite’s Old Shale Two Yarn socks.

Since you’re all so smart, you’ve probably also noticed that I’m not following the pattern exactly as written. Not because there are any flaws in it, mind you. But simply because it’s not in my nature. I increased from 64 to 68 stitches after I finished the cuff ribbing because the gauge on the two yarns was slightly different. I’ve decided to knit the entire foot one color and knit the heel flap a little longer than usual because I think it makes ankle-length socks fit better. That also meant, however, that there were more gusset stitches to pick up. But, I’m still doing the gusset decreases every other round although you could do them every round if you have a small instep.
DD is eyeing these more closely with each round that I knit.

For the cuff, I used some leftover OnLine yarn that patterns like Opal & Fortissima Mexiko and for the foot I’m using some navy blue Pingouin sock yarn that I had in my stash. I just love using up leftovers. Must be the frugal New Englander in me. The best part, though, are the needles.

I got them while I was in Las Vegas last week and I am already regretting that I only bought one pair. I’ve seen these before at my LYS, but never in a size smaller than U.S. #5. These are U.S. #1 (2.25mm) and I’m loving them. Can anyone help me out by giving me the name of an e-tailer who sells them???? I simply must have more.

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