Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Rewards of Bartering

I typically give away most of the items I knit and the felted bag I blogged about earlier this week is no exception. This time, though, I’ve received something in return.

My husband plays bridge once a week with some friends of ours, and a few months ago I made a simple Eros scarf for the sole female member of the group. She saw one I’d made for a charity silent auction and mentioned (truly just in passing), that she liked it. So, I popped in my Annie Hall videotape and knit one up for her one evening. DH brought it to her on bridge night and the next day I received a very lovely thank you email. But, a few weeks later I got this:

Yup, a beautiful hand-made bracelet. Oh, did I forget to mention that this woman makes jewelry from her own lampworked beads? See, we lawyers really do have hidden, crafty talents.

The next time I saw her, I happened to be carrying a felted bag I’d made months earlier. She gushed over it and asked if I wanted to trade a necklace for a felted bag. Come again! Was I hearing this correctly? A fabulous bead necklace for a felted bag! I’d be a fool to say no. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, DH came home with this:

It’s so unfortunate that this picture sucks, because this necklace is nothing short of stunning. And each bead is completely 100% handmade. Yes, even the shell in the center.

Shamed by my lack of progress on the felted bag, I dove into the project with a renewed vengeance. I completed most of it on the car trip down to Las Vegas and finished it a few days after we returned. I felted it on Sunday and it dried fairly quickly after I moved it in front of a heating vent.

Check tomorrow for the finished picture!

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