Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Since some of you asked, here's some more info on the Plasti-Dip I used for my felted slippers. DH bought it for me at the Home Depot. It's my understanding that it comes in both a liquid and a spray form. I have the spray which, I sheepishly admit, probably wreaks havoc on the environment every time I use it. Sorry. I'll warn you, too, that it smells really, really bad. I spray the soles outside and then leave the slippers in my mud room to dry. It takes a couple of days for the smell to dissipate. I would not recommend using this product indoors.

The slippers can still be washed, but I've always hand-washed them instead of throwing them in the machine. So, Maus, I can't say whether the Plasti-Dip is machine washable. It does prolong the life of the bottoms, plus you can just spray on more when it wears off. And yes, Julia, it does really feel like non-skid rubber.

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