Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Two-End Knitting

The yellow socks in yesterday's picture were supposed to tip you off that the WIP of the week involves Nancy Bush. Yes, the same Nancy Bush who was so eloquently lauded by "She Who Needs No Link." They are the New England socks from Nancy's book, Knitting On the Road. I put them on Saturday morning before I went to my LYS where Nancy was teaching a class on Tvåändsstickning which is Swedish for Two-End knitting (twined knitting). I was one of the last to arrive, but Margene had saved me a seat right at the head of the table. In addition to arriving at the class on time, Margene also showed her superior organizational skills by remembering to bring a camera (and her lunch). She's got some pictures on her blog so hop over there.

The class lasted 6 hours, but the time just flew. By 4:00, I had completed most of the cuff of a mitten. I finished it when I got home. Then, since I have this damn sickness that prevents me from sleeping if I'm not satisified with my daily knitting progress, I kept knitting until midnight on Sunday and had this much done by the time I went to bed:

I have lots of thoughts racing around in my head about twined knitting and I’ll share them over the course of the week. But, to understand where I’m coming from, you probably first have to take a look at this wonderful explanation of the technique written by Theresa. She even untangles her yarn the same way as Nancy!

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