Tuesday, February 01, 2005

What Was That WIP, Anyway?

If you guessed that the WIP of the week was a toe-up sock, you were right. Somebody give that woman a million dollars!

More specifically, it's the next sock in the Six Sox Knitalong. The sock was just revealed this morning, although I had a little advance notice. As of last night, I had finished the short-row heel and was getting ready to inch my way up the leg.

As written, the pattern calls for a Figure-8 cast on. I used a plain ol' double-wrapped short row with a provisional cast-on. That's what you saw in yesterday's picture.

The stripes are knit using a method that elimates jogs. I first saw this method described in Montse Stanley's comprehensive book, The Knitter's Handbook, and had been intending to try it out. So, this was my chance. The sock is a very fun knit and works up quickly. It's a nice pattern for using up leftovers. Of course, I didn't use leftovers for this one. That would be too sensible; stash-wise that is.

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