Tuesday, February 15, 2005

WIP Revealed

Wow, I never cease to be amazed that you readers are able to guess the Weekly WIP so quickly. I'll have to stop giving hints.

This week's WIP was, as many of you guessed, a pair of Fiber Trends
Felted Clogs. I made a few pairs of these last year and then tucked the pattern away. I fully intended to make a couple more pairs after several members of the SLC Stitch 'n Bitch group brought their clogs for "show and tell." But, then Laurie threw a monkey wrench into my plans by starting a Clog-Along. Yes, "alongs" are project-killers for me. So, although I pulled out the pattern and set aside some yarn, I never got around to making them. Then, through a stroke of genius on my part, I unsubbed from the Clog-Along group. Miracle! Two weeks later, the clogs are finished.

Here are the obligatory before and after pictures:

I added a little embroidered flower to the sides, just to break up the blackness:

And, most importantly, I sprayed some Plasti-Dip on the soles so the recipient won't slip and break her hip when she wears them.

As soon as the Plasti-Dip dries completely, the clogs are off to live with the mother of my friend. I made a pair for my friend last Christmas and she sheepishly asked if I could make a pair for her mother. Well, since my friend owns my son's favorite local restaurant and never allows us to pay when we eat there, I figure the least I can do is make her mother a pair of felted clogs.

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