Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sophie Handles


Here's the finished (post-felting) picture of my Sophie bag:

I used a double strand of worsted-weight wool and a strand of Lion Brand Trellis novelty yarn. Because I was afraid I'd run out of the novelty yarn, I only carried it with the wool every other round. I had plenty left.

If you've never made this bag, the pattern calls for a single strand of Cascade 220. I highly recommend splurging for a second skein, because the finished bag is much nicer if it's been knit from a double-strand.

Like the last Sophie bag I knit, I didn’t make the handle from two separate I-cords. Instead, I worked a double-sided I-cord. After I described this technique last time, I got a few emails from readers who didn’t understand my description. So here it is, fully illustrated by blurry pictures.

Cast 6 stitches onto straight needles. Double points are not necessary.

Knit 3 stitches and move the yarn to the front

Slip the last three stitches to the right-hand needle

turn and repeat

That’s it. Eventually you’ll see the strap start to take shape. It looks almost like a flattened I-cord.

My mistake with this Sophie bag was twisting the handle after I knit it and before I Kitchenered it to the other side of the bag. I was a little uneasy about the strength of the handle because the bag seemed too heavy to be supported by it. So against DH’s advice, I gave it a few twists first. Big mistake. The top of the bag torqued slightly after it was felted. Not really enough that most people would notice, but enough so that I noticed. Did this happen to anyone who made the two I-cord, twisted handle the way the pattern suggested????

This bag is on its way to a silent auction in St. George, Utah to raise money for Utah Legal Services. Bon Voyage.


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