Friday, March 11, 2005

Contest Time

OK, I need something to snap me out of my current funk. And, I can’t think of anything better than a holding a contest.

Although I’ve been slowly and methodically knitting my way through my sock yarn stash, I’m a sucker for a beautiful skein of sock yarn. For each pair of socks I finish, I’ve fallen into the habit of renewing my stash with one new skein of sock yarn. Well, at least one new skein. Plus, unlike some knitters, I covet all self-patterning sock yarn. Oh, I love solid sock yarn, too, but there’s just something about the fabulous color combinations of the self-patterning yarns. Not to mention that there’s a surprise in every skein. Well, after I collected up all the sock yarn I’ve acquired in the last couple of weeks, I began to think that perhaps I’ve gone a little overboard.

Aaaah, doesn’t it look just like a little treasure chest.

If you want to win one of these little gems, listen up ‘cause here’s the skinny on the contest.

Although I adore the tried-and-true stockinette stitch sock pattern I use with self-patterning yarn, I’m amenable to trying other patterns with one caveat: I don’t want to spend a lot of time knitting up a stitch pattern that is obliterated by the patterning of the yarn. So, I’m looking for good sock patterns to use for self-patterning yarn. I already have Lucy Neatby’s wonderful book and a bookcase full of stitch patterns, but I’d like to know your favorite pattern to use with self-patterning yarn. The pattern can either be free on the Internet, available for purchase, or even something that your LYS gives out with a yarn purchase (make sure to leave the name and phone number for your LYS so I can call). Leave a comment with your suggested pattern and I’ll pick a winner randomly next week. The winner gets 100g of sock yarn.

Have a great weekend.

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