Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Monday was the first day I was able to devote any real time to sorting through emails and blog feeds that piled up while I was sick. I stopped diligently emptying my bulk mail folder the Friday I got sick, and over the course of the next 10-day period, I received over 3,300 pieces of spam. Holy junk mail, Batman! And the Bloglines feeds were another story. Gosh, you knit bloggers sure are prolific posters!

I once read an article that espoused the position that it is bad practice to keep a "to do" list and check off items as you accomplish them throughout the day. The article argued that most people include far too many chores and errands on such lists and feel a sense of failure when they are unable to tick off every item by the end of the day. It's much more reasonable to keep a "done" list and simply write down things as you complete them. Allegedly, you'll be amazed at the number of things you accomplish during the day that, mostly likely, you didn't realize needed accomplishing. So, in the spirit of the article, I made the following "done" list on Monday.

  1. Marked all Bloglines feeds as read.

  2. Pushed the delete button for the bulk mail folder without looking through a single email in the folder.

  3. Walked through Nordstrom without buying either shoes or a purse.

(I'm particularly proud of #3)

Good thing I was able to accomplish all this, because it freed me up to tackle this mountain of dirty laundry DD brought home from her vacation.


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