Thursday, March 17, 2005

Practically Perfect in Every Way

Someone sent me an email asking how I was able to get the socks from yesterday’s post to match so perfectly. Actually, they’re close but not quite perfect. But, you wanna see perfect? How ‘bout these:

They’re probably the closest I’ve come to getting a perfect match of two socks that were knit seriatim.

The most obvious trick, is to make sure that you start each sock at the same point. This is easily accomplished by making the initial slip-knot at the point where the yarn changes from one color to the next. This makes it very easy to find the same starting point for the second sock. Beyond that, it becomes a mix of skill and trickery. I keep track of rows when I knit socks, but some knitters keep track of patterning. Others knit both socks simultanously which allows them to adjust tension and keep the socks nearly identical. In a previous life I cared more about knitting identical socks, although I do still try my best within reason.

Contest Winner

The winner of my contest was Lu. Her post was chosen at random but, coincidentally, contained a link to the only sock pattern suggested in the comments that I haven't already seen or knit up. I went to Lu's blog after her name was chosen and see that she is on a yarn diet. Wonder if that means she can't accept the prize.
Thanks to everyone for playing along. There are some excellent suggestions in the comments.

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