Tuesday, March 15, 2005

WIP Revealed

Well, yes indeed, my WIP of the week is the Ruffles scarf from the Scarf Style book (designed by Amanda Blair Brown). Erin was the first to guess correctly.

I made one of these last year for my daughter's friend and my daughter has been suffering from scarf envy ever since. Since she agreed to go to the LYS with me on Friday, I let her pick out some yarn for the long-desired scarf. She chose the brightest, spring green in the shop.

It's Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in color #840 - Lime Light. Don't you think it's fitting that I knit on this last night while I watched Shrek.

I altered the pattern slightly and restarted the scarf after I took the picture I posted yesterday, since I intend to squeeze this scarf out of one skein of yarn. I don't mind paying less than $10.00 for a scarf DD will surely lose, but two skeins would have set me back more than that.

Dang, I'd forgotten how long it takes to knit this thing.

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