Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Branching Out Blocking

Several people have emailed me asking if the little "bow" at the end of the Branching Out scarf can be eliminated through blocking. Yes, indeed. And I just happen to have a Branching Out scarf that I recently knit to demonstate.

First, the bow is really pronounced only on the cast-on end:

This is the cast-on end

This is the bound-off end

To eliminate the bow, you just need to wet-block the scarf by following the instructions in the pattern. After you've pressed all the extra water out of the wet scarf, run a blocking wire through both ends. Here, I'm using a #000 double-pointed needle. (Are you surprised that I own a set of #000 needles?)

Trust me, both ends will block straight across if you just be patient and allow the scarf to dry completely before you remove the pins.

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