Thursday, April 14, 2005


The title of this post, BYOWN, refers to the last leg of our Saturday shopping spree. It translates to: Bring Your Own Wet Nap

After the relative calm and organization of the Needlepoint Joint, we renewed our strength with a wonderful lunch at Rooster's. Good thing too, because we needed some stamina to survive the next stop, Knit Craft Studio, a/k/a The Haunted House of Knitting Horrors

This shop is simultaneously amazing and frightening. Margene had some wonderful photos of the interior on her blog on Monday. Here's a taste; can you discern that the Noro and Fiesta yarns are mixed in with decades-old wools and 100% acrylics:

I did, however, purchase some of that decades-old wool. It was still in the original box, perched precariously on top of a large pile of yarn (photos courtesy of Laurie)

At fifty cents a skein I couldn't pass it up.
I bought 11 skeins but traded three to Laurie.

I've now discovered from the information on this informative site, that each 1 oz. skein contains 170 yards of yarn so I'm inclined to use it for a shawl instead of socks.

As the owner rang up my purchases, she asked me (as she does every customer), "Would you like to wash your hands." I declined; frightened to view the state of the shop's bathroom. Laurie, brave soul that she is, reported that the bathroom was no different than any other room in the house, except that it was full of needlepoint kits instead of yarn.

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