Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Since it’s pretty obvious that I haven’t been blogging much lately, you may be wondering what I’ve been doing. Well, answering emails would be high on the list of recent activities, but I’ve also been knitting and spinning. In fact, I have some exciting spinning news, but maybe I’ll share that later. As for the knitting, I did something this week that I’ve never, ever done before. I cast on a new sock using the same pattern as the sock I most recently finished. Yup, two of the same socks in a row. How radical is that!

The first is finished:

The yarn was sent to me by Tine and it’s Regia Jubilee. It looks much better knitted up than it did in the skein; I just love it.

Here’s a slightly blurry picture that shows the stitch pattern a little better.

Like most of the socks I knit, I just followed my tried and true, basic pattern and inserted the stitch pattern. This stitch pattern is a simple two-round repeat:

rnd 1: knit
rnd 2: k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk

And, in case you're curious (and even if you're not), here's my sock "formula."

Cast on 60-64 stitches using 2.25mm needles.
k2, p2 rib for 20 rounds
leg pattern for 50 rounds
EOP heel for 32 rows
Pick up 17 stitches
knit 45-50 rounds after completing the gusset decreases
decrease EOR until 32 stitches remain
decrease ER until 12 stitches remain
make the second (as we all know, this is the most important step).

What about you? Do you also have a tried-and-true basic pattern? Wanna share it?
Oh, and stay tuned. I have a shocking revelation about the second sock that I’ll reveal after it’s completed.

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