Friday, April 22, 2005


When I got home from work yesterday, a lovely little package was waiting for me. Inside . . .
Eureka! Two skeins of Koigu in the most wonderful color I’ve ever seen.

The gifter, Thuy, enclosed a cute card and wrote, “I hope that you like red.” Like red? Is the Pope Catholic? I love red! What a fabulous surprise. I’m still floored by her generosity. Thanks, Thuy; you made my day!!

WIP Revealed

Now the moment that some all of you have been waiting for.
The WIP of the week was:

A Fiber Trends Baltic Sea Stole.

I believe Ana was the only person who guessed correctly.

I found the yarn for the stole during my excursion to the yarn shops in Ogden with the grrls last weekend. It’s a vintage sport-weight alpaca that fit the bill perfectly. I bought five skeins, assuming that each contained about 200 yards of yarn (the pattern calls for 900 yards). But, as soon as I got through one pattern repeat I realized that I was destined to run out of yarn. The pattern literally eats up yarn. I called the owner of the shop and through nothing less than divine intervention, she was able to find two more skeins tucked in the infamous "clearance room."

She sent them to me the next day, together with a nice little note detailing the amount I owed for the yarn and asking me to please include shipping by looking on the front of the envelope to get the amount. I tell ya, some people are just too trusting.

My friend gave me the pattern as a Hanukkah present and I put off starting it because it appeared as though the knitting would require more concentration than I am able to devote to it right now. As I got into it, however, it became clear that the knitting is extremely intuitive. So, although there is no "rest" row (i.e., you do not just purl across all the stitches on the wrong side), the knitting is actually fairly mindless. In fact, I was able to knit a few rows while I watched the Daily Show last night. Plus, the results are impressive. That said, don’t expect to see this as an FO any time soon. It’s still going to take a while to knit up 1200 yards of sport-weight yarn.
Has anyone else made this pattern? What did you think of it?

Have a great weekend. Happy Pesach!

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