Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Saturday With the Grrls

Emily, Margene, and Laurie have already posted some interesting accounts of our Saturday shopping spree. Margene picked us up in the early morning and we headed to Ogden, Utah which is about 40 miles north of Salt Lake City (60 miles if Margene is driving). First stop was the Needlepoint Joint.
One of the things I love about this shop is that it has shelves and shelves of books, some of which are difficult to find either because they are popular and fly off the shelves at other shops, or because they are unique or archaic so they don't sell well and other shops don't order them. I snagged a set of these stitch pattern books, distributed by Schoolhouse Press.

It's a three volume set, full of travelling stitches and cable patterns. Yum!! I also picked up a bit of roving which I've nearly finished spinning into "dental floss" (see yesterday's photo).
After the Needlepoint Joint, we had lunch and then headed to the "Haunted House of Knitting Horrors." More on that leg of the journey later this week together with pictures of the yarn I got for 50 cents a skein!

When I got home, I Kitchenered the toe of these babes:

The yarn is a wool/cotton/nylon blend made by Fortissima. Kadri sent it to me last year and I've been dying to knit it up. Unfortunately, the photo does an extremely poor job of representing the wonderful colors: blue, green, and purple. The colorway is aptly named, "Laguna." Guess what I'm wearing today.

Branching Out Scarf Auction

The current high bid for the Branching Out Scarf is still $75.00!! If that's higher than what you bid, you can bid again by clicking on the picture below and putting the amount of your bid in the subject line of your message.

Scroll down and read last Friday's post to learn the purpose for the bidding and the guidelines.


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