Friday, April 01, 2005


My WIP of the Week was, in fact, the next pattern in the Six Sox Knitalong.

It's a cute, stranded pattern designed by Soxie, of PT Yarn and OpalChatters fame.

The pattern is customizable because Soxie has included a chart for the entire alphabet and some blank graph paper so you can chart out your own message on the leg of the sock. I knit in the name of my kids' high school.

My second sock turn out far better than the first so here are some of the stranding tips I learned from the first sock to the next.

  1. Don't twist the two yarns to secure the floats no matter how long they are. It really decreases the stretchiness of the sock.

  2. Knit the stranded sections much looser than you think you should.

  3. The yarn that's brought from underneath stands out more prominently than the yarn that's carried over the top. So when you knit the letters, bring the yarn from underneath to make the words "pop" out a little more.


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