Tuesday, April 05, 2005

WIP Revealed

Well, there sure were some interesting guesses this week! I'd like to quash any frightening rumors Kimi may have started that I'm knitting a bikini for myself (or anyone else for that matter). Also, I just knew there'd be lots of teapot cozy guesses. It does look like a teapot cozy, doesn't it.

Lauren guessed that it was a shaker rib hat and Jessica guessed that it was Ken's Hat for the Dulaan Project. The answer lies somewhere in-between.

It is a hat for the Dulaan Project, but it's the Brioche Hat knit from the wonderful pattern in Elizabeth Zimmerman's amazing book, Knitting Without Tears. What a fun knit! And the finished hat is amazingly stretchy; just like EZ said it would be.

This hat could fit just about any head. And it's knit on only 36 stitches!

The brioche stitch is not the same as fisherman rib (a/k/a shaker rib). You do not knit into the stitch below. EZ opines that the brioche stitch is not suited for knitting in the round, and so I knit the hat back and forth on #11 circular needles with a single strand of bulky weight 100% merino wool (about 60 yards). After I seamed it up, I found this hat pattern that is knit circularly using the same stitch.
Oh, look, there's a teapot cozy pattern on the same page!

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