Thursday, May 19, 2005

"Have You Any Wool"

I picked up my processed alpaca from Lynn at Spinderella on Friday. This time Margene came with me and I think she can attest to Lynn's enthusiasm for all things fibery.

I'm thrilled with how the roving turned out. It's a blend of white Corriedale, hand-dyed Corriedale in a color Lynn calls "copper," some silk, and of course the alpaca. My friend saw it and said, "Gosh, that looks just like the color of your kitchen floor." You know, she could be right; I do have an affinity for reddish colors. What do you think?

I spun up a little sample on Saturday using my fabulous Lollipop spindle.

I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. The alpaca adds a nice halo to the yarn. I'm hoping to spin up enough to make a lace scarf or (very) small shawl. This little hank is only 65 yards and it took me the better part of Saturday. Hmmm . . . this could take a while.

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