Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Mail Call

Although I didn't make it to MS&W, I did get some goodies in the mail over the last few days. First is this lovely skein of yarn I got from Jane. She's having a fabulous de-stash sale and now that I've procured my favorite of the lot, feel free to head over and take a look at what's left.

It's a skein of Cherry Tree Hill Merino/Silk in the African Grey colorway. Totally fabulous. Don't know how you parted with it, Jane, but I'm not complaining!

Next, to arrive was this book which I've been meaning to buy for a while:

Yes,I know it's been republished as Simply Socks, but I wanted the original. What a wonderful book full of amazing charts. I suspect I won't be knitting the socks toe-up, but the charts can be used anyway. I'm thinking afterthought heels would work famously.

Last (and also least), this was in my mailbox yesterday:

My friend gave me the subscription for my birthday and I don't think I've seen a single project I've liked since my subscription started. Sorry, everyone; clearly I've jinxed the magazine. I seriously doubt that I'll make any of the projects in this issue, but this one is my least favorite:

Come on, Rick. Really. An afghan made from Wool Ease in the colors that most resemble baby poop. I don't think so.

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