Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Stash Sale

In an effort to make some space for a secret prezzie I just bought myself, I've decided to sell off a bit of my stash. I'm thinking Wednesdays will be "Stash Sale" day here at I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can. So, check back every Wednesday and see what I have to offer. I'm anticipating selling off some wool, some higher-end novelty yarns, and some cottons, too.

I figure I'll start off with a bang and offer up some Rowan Magpie.

I love this yarn but I know that I'll never knit it up so it's time to give someone else a chance at owning it. Rowan Magpie is 100% wool and is now, sadly, discontinued. I have ten, 100g skeins for sale (two have been wound into center-pull balls). Each skein has 150 meters. The color is a nice deep royal blue (color #303) and it's not as bright as it appears in the photo. Retail is more than $11.00 per skein. The first person to plunk down $75.00 (plus postage) gets all ten skeins. Come on, you know you want them! Don't try and resist, just email me.

One More Link

Here's a link I inadvertantly left out of yesterday's post.
In case you're not interested in my Rowan Magpie, then head over to HoJo's site, Full Thread Ahead, and get the details on the opening of her new store. If you live in the Bay Area don't miss it. She's offering 15% off all her yarns. Evil enabler, indeed.

WIP of the Week

Come on people; is no one going to guess at the WIP of the Week? At least Miriam gave it the old college try; although I'm not sure her "guess" was really anything more than a description of the photo.
OK, here's a hint. Someone else has blogged about this very same WIP within the last 2-3 weeks. This someone has left a comment on my blog within the last week. That pretty much gives it away.

Who's linking here?

Running commentary on my unending quest to knit up my stash.