Thursday, May 12, 2005

Try, Try, Again

Although I’ve made several attempts to learn to love my drop spindle, I just wasn’t
getting much enjoyment from the process. I found the drafting to be tedious and it was somewhat difficult to get a single that was even. But, all that has changed.

Last Friday I brought my unprocessed alpaca to a local fiber artist. Our fifteen minute meeting turned into an 90 minute tour through her amazing business. Suffice to say that the highlight was seeing the machine she uses to card her wool. Unbelievable. It’s from a mill in Brigham City, Utah (think BIG) and I’m still unclear how she got it into her shed. She showed me some poor-quality wool that she'd just carded into batting for a client. The client is a local builder who uses the batting for housing insulation. I'd say that gives new meaning to the proclamation, "I Live In A Wool House."

The decision was made to blend my alpaca with some silk, some hand-dyed Corriedale, and some white Corriedale. While we were discussing that, I noticed the bags of roving she had stashed in a corner. I left with several fluffy balls (see photo in yesterday’s post). What a dream to spin with! It barely needs to be drafted and the colors are wonderful. I got so involved in spinning that I didn’t knit a stitch all weekend (OK, that’s a lie. But, I didn’t knit as much as I otherwise would have.)

Here are the first three skeins I spun. One is ~50 yards, the other ~70 yards, and the third ~90 yards.

Then, I thought I’d try my hand at spinning some finer stuff. Here’s what I got (Click on the photo for a larger picture).

It’s a two-ply. The dime is for reference:

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