Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Weekend Frolic

On Sunday, I abandoned all my UFOs and headed down to the Salt Lake City County Building. Who said there aren't any beautiful, interesting buildings in SLC:

The area around the building was the site of the 2005 Living Traditions Festival. There were some food booths, a bit of entertainment, and some wonderful craft exhibits. I had some Tibetan Momos, then headed over to Anne Carroll Gilmore's weaving exhibit. You remember Anne; she's the designer of the infamous Dancing Stars Hat (reincarnated as a felted bag) and the Oriel Lace Stole that I knit last year. Her presentation on Scottish Tartan Weaving was amazing. Here she is finding her place while simultaneously answering inane questions from the spectators.

She was working on a tartan she's designed for the Salt Lake City Freemasons and it was just gorgeous.

What do you think. I need a loom, don't I.

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