Monday, May 23, 2005

WIP of the Week Contest!

I’m recycling a project for the WIP this week. It's my Baltic Sea Stole:

Lest you think for a minute that I'm recycling projects because I didn’t start at least one new WIP this weekend, you can disabuse yourself of that notion right now, Missy. I just can’t show those new projects yet. So, to compensate you for having to look at my Baltic Sea Stole yet again, I’m having a little contest. The object of the contest is guess the number of stitches I’ve knit so far on the Stole. To make it a little easier, I’m offering up the following information about the pattern. There are 101 stitches in each row and the pattern is a 32-row repeat. That’s all I’m sayin’. To enter, just send me an email at this address and put your guess in the subject line. If more than one person guesses correctly, I’ll draw a winner randomly from all the correct entries. If no one guesses correctly, the winner will be the person who comes closest. The prize will be something from my stash; I’m just not sure what yet.

So what are you waiting for; make a guess already!

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