Monday, May 30, 2005

WIP of Week

Well, I have a new project for you this week:

Do you have a guess as to what it is?
I'll give a hint this week. The pattern is from a book that I've blogged about before. But, when I did a Google search, I didn't get a single hit. Strange, 'cause it's a really cute pattern. Oh, and Teri, I know what you’re thinking about the yarn, but keep it to yourself, okay. This is a family friendly blog.

More Flowers

Since you all seemed to enjoy the flower photos I posted last Friday, here are a few more:

The hosta in my front yard has set a flower:

And, here’s my earliest blooming dianthus:

My perennial bachelor button:

And, finally, a blossom from my favorite columbine plant:

Who's linking here?

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