Monday, June 27, 2005


The first stop on our trip was Venice. Because we were unable to book seats on a direct flight from the U.S. to Venice, we had to connect through Rome. So our travel day was: Salt Lake to Boston to Rome to Venice. Yikes! Because of a last minute change by Alitalia, we were facing a 4.5 hour layover in the Rome airport; we would miss the last morning flight to Venice by mere minutes. However, we spoke to the woman at the Alitalia counter in Boston, told her that we had no luggage to check through (we each carried only one bag with us), and she added us to the stand-by list for the earlier flight but cautioned us that we'd have to "run for it." Run we did, and although the flight was actually boarding when we got to the counter, the Italian Alitalia employee worked a little magic and got us on the plane. Fabulous! This gave us an entire extra day in Venice. We arrived in the early afternoon and took the water taxi to our hotel. Here's the view from the hotel window:

The next day it was rainy and cool; perfect for walking and sightseeing. We went to our favorite, not-to-be-missed Venice church and then made our way to the old Jewish ghetto which is located near the train station. DD composed the following verse which she insisted on repeating for the remainder of the trip:

Today we took the vaporetto
Over to the Jewish Ghetto

Unfortunately, it was a Jewish holiday so the museum and the shops were closed. But we found a great pasticceria and made the best of it. Can anyone explain to me why DD's hair looks fabulous despite the rain and mine looks like crap???

Things took a slight turn downward that evening when DH realized that he'd left the battery charger for the digital camera on the plane we took from Rome to Venice. The impact of that screw-up became immedately clear to me, dear readers. No endless shots of my WIPs against the backdrop of famous Italian landmarks. Instead, we were forced to conserve our precious battery power for essential photos. Crap.

Venice Knitting

I brought 200g of sock yarn with me from the U.S. and intended to knit a pair of fingerless gloves and some socks on the trip. I finished both gloves on the trip over to Italy (sorry, I can't show you a picture because I gave them to my cousin on the last day of our trip). Gulp! Would I actually run out of yarn!! Fortunately, I managed to procure some sock yarn in Venice in the strangest of places; a lingerie shop! DS stopped to look at some Murano glass in a shop window and I wandered across the street, looked into the interior of a lingerie shop, and saw skeins of yarn lining the back shelves. WTF?? I ventured inside and noticed some pattern books also. The bulk of the yarn was cotton and I got an odd stare when I asked for "lana." The sales clerk spoke no English but with some skillful pointing I scored myself some Regia 6-ply. Pictures of the finished socks later this week! And does anyone know why Italian lingerie shops sell yarn and sewing notions?? I saw this again when we were in Rome.

First Day of Camp

Today was DD's first day of camp.


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