Friday, June 03, 2005

WARNING! Stylized Violence; Some Content Not Suitable For Small Children

In an amazing stroke of genius, Janice in GA correctly identified my WIP of the week as a "Magic Friends" stuffed bear from the book, Knitter's Stash. The pattern is clever; the entire project is knit on two needles. You knit one stitch then slip the next. This creates a tube that can be opened up at the end and stuffed with fiber-fill. I was so excited about this project, I knit the whole thing in one day. Here's the photo I took when I finished the neck:

Then, my luck ran out.

While inserting the stuffing, I dropped half of the stitches that should have been more firmly secured by a piece of waste yarn. Have you ever tried to pick up six stitches knit in fluffy eyelash yarn? Not fun. I'm sure you would have used the same technique I did:

RIP, dear WIP.

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