Thursday, June 09, 2005

WIP Revealed

There were several interesting and clever guesses this week, but Jayme's guess (the first one posted) was right on the money.

The WIP was a footlet, knit from the vintage pattern I blogged about last week. As is obvious from the photo, I didn't Kitchener the toe yet or weave in the ends. Although DD loved it and said it fits like a dream, it's destined to be unraveled because I don't have enough yarn left to knit the mate. So, this was more of a learning experience; a testing of the pattern, if you will. Actually, I found the pattern fascinating; the increases and decreases after the heel make a clever shape that curves to fit under the ankle bone. I did, however, knit the foot in the round instead of on two needles. I just switched to double-points after completing all the increases. Then I finished it with a regular wedge toe. And, there were a couple of minor typos in the instructions, but they're obvious.

Next time I knit these I won't knit the heel using the typical k1, sl 1 heel flap; it's a bit too wide and bulky. I'll probably just knit a plain stockinette stitch heel over fewer stitches. Given DD's positive reaction, I can see many more of these in my knitting future. Then again, given her documented prowess at knitting, she should probably make her own darn footlets.

Next Project Please

I've recently finished up several "secret" projects that had deadlines. Now I'm experiencing a bit of knitter's burn-out, not to mention some aching in my wrist. Of course, that doesn't mean I won't be knitting on my trip! Hopefully, my SIP will have a fun time touring Italy with me. When I return, though, I'd like to start a new project without a deadline. But I'm having a difficult time of coming up with a fun idea. I know it's been dubbed by some as "The Summer of Lace," but I have my Baltic Sea Stole to finish (yes, I still love it) so I'm not taking on another big lace project just now. I won't be posting or responding to comments for a while but, if you feel the urge, please leave me a comment and tell me what you're knitting now. Hopefully this will give me some ideas of a project I can knit when I return from my vacanza. Plus, this way I can keep up with all your current projects just by reading my comments. Grazie!

Ciao For Now, Amici

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