Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I had a post with knitting content all ready for today, but I don't have the heart to post it. Remember the "show me your sky photos" that made their way around the knit blogs last year. I posted a photo of my son's Jr. High School. Here's that photo again:

and here's what the school looked like yesterday:

There's a story on the fire here.

To say that my family, together with all the other families affected by this disaster, is devastated is an understatement. My daughter was scheduled to begin classes at this school in six weeks. It's unclear what the options will be. It is fairly clear to me that this school will not be rebuilt or replaced. It sits on a prime piece of real estate in a section of the Salt Lake Valley in which houses are being demolished and rebuilt because the land on which they stand is far more valuable than the house itself. But this facility was so much more than a bricks and mortar building. It drew students from all over the Salt Lake Valley. Many came for the unparalleled music and drama programs and others for the rigorous academics. This was a Jr. High in which hazing and cliques were nearly non-existent and in which the student body revered the Math Team more than the sports teams. That type of environment in a Jr. High School is simply irreplaceable.

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