Thursday, July 21, 2005

Musings on My Tivoli T-shirt

I don't have a photo of my Tivoli t-shirt blocked, so I'm re-hashing the unblocked photo:

First, I'm not a big fan of cotton yarn, but the yarn I used for this project, Butterfly, was very nice. I'd highly recommend it as a substitute for Cotton Classic. As an added plus, it comes in 125 gram hanks so you don't need to buy as many.

Second, I thought the pattern was fabulous and want to thank Grumperina for sharing it. It knits up quickly and the instructions are extremely clear without being overly "chatty." I did make a few alterations, but only so the sweater would fit me better. I'm very short (62 inches) so I did fewer decrease rounds and, correspondingly, fewer increase rounds. This made the middle section slighly shorter. I also attempted to control the inevitable rolling of the neck, sleeves, and bottom edge by working a round of purl stitches (you can't see this in the photo because of the . . . uh, urrrr . . . rolling). It was only mildly successful. Unfortunately, although I may be short I'm not particularly svelte so the bottom edge (which still rolls slightly after blocking) is not particularly flattering on me. Picture the Michelin Man. Ok, on second thought, don't.

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