Thursday, July 28, 2005

My Biggest Knitting Nightmare

Since I've asked all of your to share your biggest knitting regrets and disappointments, it's only fair that I share mine.

When my first child was born, I bought a wonderful pattern booklet full of cute baby/toddler sweaters at a local department store. I may be dating myself, but yarn and patterns were frequently sold in department stores in the "olden days." My favorite sweater in the booklet was a wonderful cabled cardigan that knit up in sport weight yarn. I made several of these for my son and made many more for gifts. When my daughter was born, knitting time became more scarce. Although she was able to wear her brother's hand-me-down sweaters, I thought it would be nice to knit her one in a "girly" color. So, when she was about 2 years old I procured some pinky/magenta yarn and set about making her one of the glorious cabled sweaters. It was slow going. Between two kids and working full-time, I spent almost three months knitting just the back, the left side, and part of the right side. I then had the fateful idea to bring the project with me to the pool on a Sunday afternoon. The pool is situated high in the Salt Lake foothills with an amazing view over the entire Salt Lake Valley.

It's also in a very breezy location.

You know where this story is going.

A huge gust of wind swept over the table I was sitting at and off went my pattern booklet. I watched in horror as it flew over the wall and down, down, down the steep curving hill toward the valley below. Yes, I could have finished the sweater by matching the right side to the left, but I didn't have the heart or the time. When I finally found the time, DD was much too large to fit into the sweater.

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