Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Not Much Knitting Going On

OK, it's hot. Much too hot to knit anything heavy or concentrate on something complicated. So I've decided to devote most of my free time to reading "The Book." We picked up a copy in Twin Falls on Sunday as we drove back from Sun Valley. DS finished it last night and I've got about 300 pages to go.

Speaking of Sun Valley, between the car rides and sitting around doing absolutely nothing for two days, I got a lot of knitting done. Does that give you any hints about the WIP of the Week? Here's a photo of where I spent most of my knitting time:

But, it wasn't all knitting and no shopping. There's a wonderful needlepoint/yarn shop in Ketchum and each year my friends and I stock up on goodies that aren't available in Salt Lake City.

And, I even manage to find a little time to take a little bike ride. Here's the view from the trail.

The Excitement Continues

Remember my "secret" projects and exciting news from last week? Well, here's the next revelation. One of my sock patterns has been published by Knit Picks.
I knit up the sample a few weeks ago from the new solid-color sock yarn that they just added to their site yesterday. So, I guess I was the first person in the world to knit with their new sock yarn. Pretty fun!

The photo on their page doesn't show the pattern as well as I'd hoped and the color is a bit off. Here's the photo I took of the same sock before I mailed it to them. The color is much truer.

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