Friday, July 22, 2005


Sibylle has tagged me with a meme and since it's going to be pretty easy to jot down my answers, I'll do it this one time. But only because I really like Sibylle.

The total number of movies I own:

1 (Ken Burns' Baseball set which, admittedly, contains 10 DVDs)

The last movie I bought:

none; the Ken Burns' set was a gift

The last movie I watched:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (BTW, I hated it)

My five favorite movies of all time:

#1 Napolean Dynamite
#2 Annie Hall
##3-5 No other movie comes to mind.

See, told you that would be easy. and I'm not even passing this one on, so you're safe.
If the questions had involved television it would have been even easier. Don't watch it.

Who's linking here?

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