Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wednesday = Stash Sale

Today, I have three wonderful skeins of Cherry Tree Hill North Country Cotton to de-stash.

From top to bottom the colors are: Dusk, Martha's Vineyard, and Champlain Sunset. Each skein weighs 4 ounces; contains 200 yards of 100% cotton yarn; and retails for $20.00. I’m selling mine for $15.00 each. If you buy all three, I’ll throw in this pattern for a cute hat. Each skein of North Country Cotton is enough to make the largest size (which is 21.5 inches). I have to confess that I'm having a difficult time parting with this particular yarn, but given the number of projects I've got in the pipeline I seriously doubt whether I'll ever get around to knitting with it.

WIP Guesses

Kudos go out to everyone who guessed that the photo of my WIP was taken in Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast. Wow, you guys are good! We stayed at a wonderful hotel just outside the town called "Settimo Cielo" which means "seventh heaven" in Italian. It was a great hotel, although the breakfast was horrible. I believe there is only one place in all of Italy that makes undrinkable cappuccino and that place is Settimo Cielo.

Several people guessed that the photo was taken somewhere on the Cinque Terra. Having now been to both places, I have to confess that I just adored the Cinque Terra but wasn't as enamoured with the Amalfi Coast which I found to be much too crowded. But, I haven't been to the Cinque Terra for nearly 8 years and have heard that it is now much more popular with foreign vacationers. Any truth to this rumor??

The high point of my stay in Sorrento was finding a yarn shop on the main street. Photos tomorrow of the haul!

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