Friday, July 08, 2005

WIP Revealed

Well, Jody was pretty damn close to getting the WIP exactly right. It’s a pair of ankle socks knit from the Regia 6-ply that I picked up inVenice.

I worked on them on the train from Naples to Rome and several Italian women admired them loudly. One of the women was desperately trying to communicate with me, but I speak only tourist Italian coupled with the choice swear words I picked up from my mother as a child. Somehow, it didn't seem appropriate to use the swear words. Although she spoke no English, I was able to discern that she crochets but does not knit and that she likes to make crocheted shopping bags. She expressed surprise that I was knitting the socks from “lana” and from her reaction to my Plymouth bamboo double-points I also gathered that she'd never seen bamboo needles before.

I loved the Regia, although I only had two balls of it so I was a little concerned that I’d run out of yarn. When I cast on for the second sock, I carefully found the correct place in the second skein so that the socks would be identical. Only after I got to the heel did I realize how wrong I was. Isn’t this odd; look:

Each sock is just one, looooooong color repeat, not two. Except the second half of the repeat is nearly identical to the first half. Curious. Anyway, their fraternality can’t be corrected so I intend to wear them “as is.”

And, as promised, here’s a photo of the yarn I scored in Sorrento:

One skein of cashmere/wool laceweight in a pretty (although slightly bright for my taste) pinky coral color. And one skein of merino laceweight in light pink.

Now where did I put those 4mm circular needles???

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