Thursday, August 18, 2005

Birthdays, and Prezzies, and Treats, Oh My!

(Warning to those on dial-up. There are lots of photos in this post.)

My birthday hasn't arrived quite yet, but I was the lucky recipient of some fabulous prezzies at Stitch 'N Bitch on Tuesday night.

First up, the treats (from an excellent, local bakery):

Then the fiber:

Both of these were gifted to me by Anne (see below for a photo of Anne with her amazing hand-woven rug). The orange fiber in the first photo is kid mohair. Isn't the color gorgeous. The grey in the second photo is a blend of alpaca and angora from one of Anne's German Angora rabbits. I can't possibly explain how soft and luscious this is. We passed it around at Stitch 'N Bitch and took turns petting it. Even my hard-to-impress-with-any-fiber son deemed it "Pretty damn soft."

Next up is the yarn:

From Margene, this utterly fabulous hand-dyed yarn that she got at Estes Park.

That's "my" color, don't you think? I'm still not sure what I'll make with this. For now, I'm content to just gaze it it longingly. Margene also have me this cute, "Got Gauge" t-shirt:

Does this mean I have to be better about swatching first???

Then, from Emily (who needs to update her blog, hint hint), this great ball of sock yarn that I don't already have in my stash!

According to Emily, the owner of my LYS produced this skein from a box in "the back room." Kewl; I'm probably the first person in Salt Lake to own a skein of this yarn. Again, check out the fact that these are "my" colors. OK, people, am I that transparent????

Next, from Miriam, there's this awesome skein of Knit Picks merino that she dyed herself with Kool-Aid (pictured with the homemade jam, yum):

And, last but not least, this incredible hand-sewn needle case from Teri:

I'm in awe of anyone who can sew.

Phew! So, how lucky am I anyway to be a member of such a wonderful knitting group! And just to prove how truly wonderful they are, check out these two projects:

First, there is Teri's "impenetrable baby hat" that reminds me, somewhat hauntingly, of Parker Posey's "Jackie O" character in The House of Yes:

And here's Anne, binding the edges of the rug that she wove herself!!! Note: you absolutely must click on the photo to enlarge it!

Since I can't come up with the words to adequately describe this amazing rug, I'll stop right here.

Have a great weekend. My WIP of the Week is finished but I'm on my way out of town so I'll "reveal" it on Monday.

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