Tuesday, August 16, 2005

FO #1

If things go according to plan, I should have some FOs to show you this week. Here's the first:

Pattern: Wings of Fantasy Shawl by Hazel Carter
Yarn: Twinkletoes (the color is off in the photo; they yarn is red-orange)

If you regularly read my blog, you haven't missed any discussion about this project; I'm springing it on you without prior warning. I was home sick from work one day last week and had 8 hours of free time so I was able to start this shawl and make considerable progress. Unfortunately, I realized that I would not have enough yarn to complete the pattern as written, so I eliminated the last band of patterning and also substituted a more yarn-friendly edging. I quite like my version. And, since I'm vertically challenged, the smaller size is good for me. I'd recommend this pattern to anyone, even a newer lace knitter. The instructions are clear and just when you're getting bored with one stitch pattern, you change to the next.

Tomorrow, I promise to show you another FO. This one you have heard me discuss on the blog. I'm just trying to get a decent photo of it.

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