Wednesday, August 17, 2005

FO #2

Remember this?:

Well, it's finished!

Pattern: Baltic Sea Stole
Yarn: Vintage 100% Alpaca from the "overflow room" at Knit Craft Studio in Ogden, UT

I actually finished this quite a while ago; the beginning of July, I believe. But I never got around to blocking it or taking a photo. I overcame the first obstacle by bringing it to my LYS and having one of the employees block it. This is the best service offered by any yarn shop in the area, and possibly by any yarn shop in the world. Sandy charged me the ridiculously miniscule fee of $7.00 and did a wonderful job. I overcame the second obstacle last night at Stitch 'n Bitch when Margene agreed to hold it while I took the photo. At 6' tall, Margene was able to hoist it several inches higher than anyone at my house. The finished stole is quite large; if you look at the photo, about a foot of it is behind Margene's head.

My thoughts on this pattern?

1. The increases and decreases along the sides edges are an extremely clever technique used to counterbalance the waviness of the stitch pattern.
2. The stitch pattern is extremely easy to memorize so, despite its size, this is a great take-along project.
3. I was happy that I told Sandy not to block it too severely. I like the way the lace is still a tiny bit bumpy.

More FOs

Stay tuned tomorrow for a couple of FOs from some fellow Stitch 'N Bitch members. And I hope to have some photos of the fabulous birthday prezzies they gave to me last night.

Yesterday's Shawl

A couple of people had some questions about the shawl I blogged about yesterday. The pattern is knit from the neck down. So you begin with only a couple of stitches and work to the bottom edge. The lace edging is applied by working perpendicular to the bottom edge of the shawl. I used the edging pattern from the Meadow Flowers Shawl in the book Knitter's Stash instead of the larger edging called for in the original pattern. I purchased the yarn several months ago from the eBay seller "Over the Rainbow Yarns." However, it is very different from the other Twinkletoes yarns I've purchased from the same seller. It is more loosely spun and appears to be an overdyed, lace-weight Shetland type wool.

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