Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I Got Nothin'

Aaah, how I hate the first week back to school. Between two sleep-deprived teenagers and the daily battle with teenage drivers in the high school parking lot, I'm spent. Plus, my cousin is incommunicado in New Orleans and I've been waiting for the results of a biopsy, so I'm a little stressed right now.

Of course I've been knitting, but it's not anything I can show you (yet). So I took some photos at Stitch 'N Bitch last night of the wonderful projects being knit by a couple of the women.

First, we have Teri looking rather jaunty in her Feather and Fan scarf knit from Rowan Kid Classic:

And here's Gwen and her fabulous self-patterning socks:

And here's a photo of Emily's amazingly cute Nantasket Basket knit from Wool Pak yarn:

Don't you love the way the colors flash on the sides. Bet you could never get that to happen intentionally. By the way, Emily, how many of these baskets are you going to knit anyway???

And, before you go, check out these socks that were knit from my Almost Argyle pattern. I'm hoping the Sockapal-2-za recipient likes them.

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